COSAF Bylaws

Chancellor’s Administrative Advisory Committee

UPDATED 4/24/20

I. Preamble

The Council on Student Affairs and Fees (referred to henceforth in the bylaws as COSAF or the Council) serves as the primary agency for channeling student input into decisions regarding the level and use of student fees that serve as the funding source for a variety of student programs, services, and facilities at UC Davis. This Administrative Advisory Committee reports to the UC Davis Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration department (FOA).

COSAF is one of 11 UC Davis Administrative Advisory Committees that provide an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to participate in the governance of UC Davis. The Administrative Advisory Committees serve in an advisory capacity to address topics such as the arts, athletics, childcare, student services, research, transportation and parking services, and safety.

II. Purpose

COSAF was established to advise the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of FOA on:

  • The use of the Student Services Fee (SSF) and Campus Based Fees (CBF) as they relate to the need, quality, and efficiency of student support services and activities.
  • The use of CBF in accordance with referendum language.
  • The review and approval of annual CPI adjustments for CBF.
  • The delivery of programs and services supported by SSF and CBF.
  • The use, management and capital improvements of facilities funded by SSF and CBF.
  • The level and use of student fee reserves.
  • The review (at the request of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or Vice Chancellor of FOA) of new referenda that have been proposed to or by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Vice Chancellor of FOA, prior to being put before the student body for a vote.

COSAF strives to maintain the maximum degree of accountability and transparency in the use of student fees.

III. Membership Composition

COSAF consists of 19 voting members and 11 ex-officio non-voting members, as follows:

  • 12 Voting Undergraduate Students, to include
    • The ASUCD President or their designee
    • 1 Transfer Student (minimum)
    • 10 Undergraduate Representatives
  • 4 Voting Graduate/Professional Students, to include:
    • 1 LSA Representative
    • 1 GSA Representative
    • 2 Professional/Graduate Students
  • 1 Voting Faculty Member, appointed in consultation with the Faculty Senate and Faculty Federation
  • 2 Voting UC Davis Staff Members, appointed in consultation with the Staff Assembly
  • 11 Ex-Officio (nonvoting) Members, to include:
    • Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or Delegate
    • Vice Chancellor of FOA or Delegate
    • Executive Director, UC Davis Stores (Council Advisor)
    • Office of the Chancellor and Provost Representative
    • Associate Director, Intercollegiate Athletics
    • Director, Campus Recreation
    • ASUCD Business Manager
    • ASUCD Advisor to Athletics and Administrative Advisory Committees
    • Budget and Institutional Analysis (BIA) Representative
    • 2 ASUCD Senate Appointees
  • 3 Alternates will also be selected from the application pool to:
    • Serve in the event that voting member(s) are unable to serve an entire term
    • Provide comments and feedback on each fee reviewed
    • Vote in the absence of a voting member

IV. Member Selection Process

All students, staff, and faculty interested in serving will apply through the Administrative Advisory Committee Call for Applications for Membership, which occurs during Winter Quarter, and is publicized through the Office of the Chancellor. A panel comprised of outgoing chairs, incoming chairs, and the Council Advisor will review student applications for membership in accordance with the Principles for Membership Selection (see below). Screened undergraduate applicants will be interviewed, selected, and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Vice Chancellor of FOA no later than the 8th week of Spring Quarter. LSA/GSA/Professional School applicants will be selected and/or appointed by their respective associations and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs no later than May 15th of each year. The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will officially appoint all members prior to the end of the academic year. Terms will commence on July 1 and end on June 30 of the following year (with the possible exception of transfer students). Voting members may serve for multiple terms but must go through the application process for each term.

Principles for Member Selection

Efforts will be made to select student members who:

  • Can provide a broad representation of UC Davis student interests/concerns.
  • Reflect the diversity of the UC Davis campus community.
  • Demonstrate an active interest in student programs and services on campus.
  • Are full-time students who are in good academic standing.
  • Are eligible to serve 2 or more years.

At least one space on the Council will be reserved for a transfer student. In order to give incoming transfer students an opportunity to apply and serve, it is possible that this member will not be appointed until Fall Quarter.

Selection of Co-Chairs

Each Spring Quarter, the outgoing Chairs and the Advisor will recommend to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs two of the voting student members to serve as Co-Chairs for the following year.  Though both undergraduate and graduate members may serve as chairs, at least one of the co-chairs will be an undergraduate student for any given year. The Vice Chancellor, taking into consideration this recommendation, will appoint the Co-Chairs for a one-year period. The appointments will be presented to the COSAF voting membership for confirmation.  A Co-Chair may serve no more than two consecutive years.

V. Member Compensation and Participation

Each Council Chair and voting member will be compensated at a rate determined by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs in consultation with Student Employment. Compensation will be paid according to the pay calendar relative to the members employment status. Compensation rates will be reviewed for adjustment every three years.

Members will be expected to attend all meetings. Members may be excused from meetings for reasons of illness, family emergencies, or academic requirements, and must provide notification of absence to the Co-Chairs prior to the meeting. If a member has two consecutive unexcused absences or more than three unexcused absences in one quarter the Council may recommend to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs that the member be removed from the Council. If at any time during the academic year a member can no longer serve, he/she will notify the Co-Chairs in writing. The Co-Chairs, in turn, will advise the Committee Advisor and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs of the resignation and request that an alternate member be officially appointed to replace the person leaving the Council.

VI. Council Responsibilities

A.   Review and Oversight of the Use of Student Fees

COSAF will oversee the allocation of student fees, ensuring allocations are spent in a manner consistent with the terms of the appropriate referendum and that ensures optimal accountability and transparency. This oversight shall be conducted as follows:

Student Services Fee

The Council will review Student Service Fee Allocations (SSF) on an annual basis. SSF funded departments will provide annual budgets and additional information to the Council upon request.

Campus Based Fees

Each quarter of the academic year the Council will review a single Campus Based Fee (CBF) and the departments receiving funding from that fee. (A CBF funded department, at the discretion of the Council, may or may not be reviewed every year.) Departments being reviewed will present the following to the Council during meetings:

  • Budgetary information
  • Basic statistics on student usage
  • Unit changes or initiatives for new projects
  • State of reserves for the fee  

At the conclusion of each quarter, the Council will:

  • Review and vote to approve the CPI (Consumer Price Index) adjustment to the Fee reviewed that quarter in accordance to referendum language.  The Council will use Consumer Price Index as determined by the Bureau of Labor for the San Francisco Area.
  • Draft a short executive summary on the fee.
  • Draft a short list of recommendations to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of FOA regarding the CPI, the use of the fee, the rationale for the recommendation and the budgetary priorities of the department.

At the end of the year, COSAF will review and ratify all CPI increases voted throughout the year.  The Co-Chairs will:

  • Compile the executive summaries into an annual report.
  • Draft an advisory letter to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of FOA outlining all recommendations of the Council.
  • All CPI adjustment recommendations will be sent to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of FOA by the first week of May.

The annual report and letter of recommendations will be posted on the COSAF website and added to the Committee orientation manual for the subsequent year.

B.   Input on CBF Funded Facilities

COSAF will participate in planning for capital improvement projects as requested by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or the Vice Chancellor of FOA, including development of project planning guides, selection of facility sites, selection of architects and review of design facilities.  In addition, the Council may be asked to review:

  • The quality of operations of facilities, and the degree to which these meet student needs.
  • Proposed capital improvements of CBF facilities.
  • Major maintenance projects. 
C.    Input on Fee Funded Programs and Services

 At the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or the vice Chancellor of FOA's request, the COSAF will:

  • Advise on the quality and character of programs and services funded by student fees.
  • Assess and prioritize the unmet needs of Student Affairs departments and their long-range plans.
  • Advise on the development of new policies relative to the implementation of programs and services funded by student fees.
D.    Additional Responsibilities

COSAF will:

  • Conduct a periodic review of existing bylaws to ensure the appropriate degree of oversight, accountability, transparency, and ongoing relevancy.  An existing bylaw can be changed by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of FOA at the recommendation of the Council after a vote is put before the membership.
  • At the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs or Vice Chancellor of FOA's request, appoint members to serve on various campus and divisional committees.
  • Additional subcommittees may be formed at any time by action of the Co-Chairs or full Council, to deal with special budget issues, review of CBF or SSF revenue use within campus departments or allocation of special funds.

VII. Chair Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the co-Chairs will include the following:

  • Schedule meetings and ensure meeting times are announced on the COSAF website.
  • Set agendas and preside at all meetings.
  • Plan training/informational sessions for the sitting committee members.
  • Screen and interview applicants for new members. 
  • Serve as liaisons to the UC system-wide Council on Student Fees.
  • Approve the Committee’s Annual Report (to include a detailed analysis of allocations, expenditures and carry forward balances) and the Letter of Recommendations to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Vice Chancellor of FOA.

VIII. Meetings

COSAF will meet at least twice a month unless otherwise warranted to fulfill its charge. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. All regular meetings will allow time for comments and questions from members as prescribed by the Chair.  Meetings will be open only to campus community members. Campus community members include currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff. 

Minutes will be taken at each meeting and may be distributed to members of the Council. Minutes will be posted on the committee website prior to the date of the next meeting.  

Voting on issues associated with CPI’s for fees must have a quorum, defined as half the voting membership, rounded up to the nearest number.             

IX.  Voting

All actions taken by the Council, regarding voting results and recommendations, will be documented on the LOG OF COSAF ACTION ITEMS posted on the COSAF website.

FACE/LEEAP:  All voting members, including the co-chairs, will vote on CPI adjustments to the portions of the FACE fee for which COSAF has oversight: Multi-Use Stadium, Schaal Aquatic Center and Activities & Recreation Center.  The Law Student vote will be grouped with the undergraduate vote to determine the outcome. Only the LSA Representative will vote on CPI adjustments to the remaining portions of the LEEAP fee: Law School Intramurals and Law School Recruitment and Retention.

SASI:  The CPI adjustment is automatic per the language in the referendum.  COSAF will not vote on the CPI adjustment, however, will provide advice regarding the use of SASI revenue by the department recipients.

CEI:  All voting members, including the co-chairs, will vote on CPI adjustment.  Graduate, Professional and Law students will only vote on the portions of the CEI fee for which the group they are representing pay. Graduate, Professional and Law votes will be grouped with the undergraduate vote to determine the outcome.  Undergraduates will vote on all components of CEI.

GSA Fee: All voting members, except undergraduates, will vote on CPI adjustments to the Graduate Student Association Fee.

Cal Aggie Fee:  All voting members, except graduates, will vote on CPI adjustments to the Cal Aggie Fee.

The results of all votes will be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of FOA in an advisory letter.

Votes to approve CPI adjustments on Campus Based Fees must pass by 66% (rounded to the nearest number), with the exception of LEAAP.  Voting will take place using anonymous paper ballots. Votes on issues other than fee adjustments will pass with a simple majority. 

A quorum of (50% of active voting members rounded up) must be present for the committee to vote. Members with an excused absence may submit an absentee ballot, but absentee ballots will only be counted if a physical quorum is present at the meeting when the vote takes place.

If 50% quorum is not met, alternate member(s) in attendance can be counted toward achieving quorum and can vote if they have attended the necessary information sessions.

Only voting members representing student associations may vote by proxy at the meeting. These include the President of ASUCD or his/her designee, the GSA appointed representative, and LSA appointed representative.

Staff voting members will be excused from voting when a vote involves a department they represent.

X. Staff Support

The Department of UC Davis Stores will provide staff support for COSAF.  This support will include, but is not limited to, recording the minutes of the meetings, arranging for meeting facilities, providing the Committee with copies of budget requests, maintaining the COSAF website, and maintaining the COSAF budget.