Action Items & Recommendations

This page is where you will find annual recommendations of the Council on Student Affairs and Fees.

COSAF has oversight of student Campus Based Fees and votes whether or not to recommend a Consumer Price Index (CPI) adjustment to the fee for the following academic year.  All voting results, recommendations and comments are forwarded to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration.

In addition to Campus Based Fees, the Council makes recommendations to departments receiving the Student Services Fee. Set by the UC Regents and charged to all registered students system wide, with few exceptions. This fee supports services and programs that directly benefit students and that are complementary to,
but not a part of, the core instructional program.

COSAF also oversees funding requests for the Student Development Fund and Student Programming Fund.  Deliberation involves review of the fund guidelines to determine if the request is eligible and prioritizing requests based on overall impact on student life.  To view actions taken on these two funds, please select Action Items & Recommendations tab from the home page.